Para Protection


Rain and snow may cause interference of the signal from your satellite antenna. The Para Protection System protects the LNB and ensures that the signal will not be interfered with during snow and rain showers. The Para Protection System is the original LNB protection that has been on the market since 1999.
– Optimal signal during rain and snow showers
– High quality material that withstands temperatures below freezing point.
– UV-filter, which expands the lifespan of the protector and the LNB. Covers without UV-filter will be damage by the sun, which     will result in the cover being cracked and broken.
– High quality stainless steel screws preventing rust.
Para Protection System has LNB protectors for almost all the different satellite dishes (1-4 LNB, flat bar, round bar, double bar, curved bar and many more).
For more info about the Para Protection System please contact
Steffen Stangeland
SMB Industries
Telephone 0047 926 58 917